An Afghan perspective on 9/11

My friend Abbas Daiyar has penned a must-read for the Daily Outlook Afghanistan about 9/11. He is a journalist,  blogs at  Kabul Perspective and serves on the editorial board of the aforementioned newspaper. Below are some snippets of his piece.

It was very tragic, but personally I have always thought 9/11 was like a blessing for the people in Afghanistan because as a consequence of this attack, the US came here and toppled the forces of evil known as the Taliban regime. I don’t mean to be happy for loss of thousands of life on 9/11, but in a way it brought world attention, only when they experienced a day of destruction that we had gone through for years.

We had already lost our twin towers before 9/11. World Trade Center was a symbol of American capitalism. When Taliban destroyed the giant Buddha statues of Bamiyan, we felt like our twin towers, the symbol of past-glory and civilization had been destroyed. Whenever I visit the site of destroyed Buddhas in Bamiyan, I cry for this atrocity of the Taliban. And I dream the day when like Americans, we will be able to rebuild our twin towers of history—the giant Buddha statues.

Abbas connects his memories of 9/11 with its aftermath — the U.S. attacks on the Taliban in Afghanistan, the coming of democratic institutions, the achievements of nation-building efforts and the current fears that the world might leave Afghanistan on its own again, just like it had after the Soviet withdrawal.

Read the rest of his article here.

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