About & Contact

I am a Kabul- and DC-based researcher and blogger.

Previously, I’ve worked as a researcher for an international human rights organization. I have served as the executive director of a Washington, DC-based foundation and assistant editor at Iran Times. I have written for the UN Foundation’s UN Dispatch and blogged on the Huffington Post.

This blog primarily deals with human rights, development, security, nation-building, policy, democratization, the media and issues pertaining to Afghanistan (and sometimes Pakistan and Iran).


I actually read (and respond to) queries submitted through this form.

This is a personal blog and all views expressed here are my own and do not reflect those of any of my employers.

17 responses to “About & Contact

  1. I’ve sent an email.
    Good luck in your job search and writing.

  2. Add Khaama Press, http://www.khaama.com in your website links.

  3. I, as an Afghan reader admit that your blog will absolutely help the readers know the real face of situations in Afghanistan! I have liked every post you wrote so far and am an all-time follower of this page. Peroz Bashie brother!

  4. Salam dear Admin team,
    Could you please advise me as how I can get my website link to your site?
    the site is http://www.afghanlinked.com

    looking forward to your reply

    • Siar,

      Thanks for the comment. If your website has a blog with content relevant to this one, I’d be happy to link.


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  11. I really enjoyed this review, thanks fo sharing 🙂 This book is now added to my list of “must reads”. I really appreciate the idea of putting a face on the people who have lived in Afghanistan during the conflict. I think for most people it’s easy to lose sight of the human side of war that is hidden in the statisitics.

  12. chk out this book “Durand’s Curse: A Line Across the Pathan Heart” by Rajiv Dogra, Publisher: Rupa Publications India

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