Afghan Blogs

This is a directory of English-language blogs written by Afghans on issues relating to Afghanistan, its people and the region. This is a work in progress and will be updated regularly. Suggestions for further additions are welcome and appreciated. See Afghanistan Analyst for a similar blog directory; see ChaiSabz for a directory of Afghan photoblogs.

List last updated Jan. 29, 2013. Latest blogs, marked by *, are on top.

Waslat Hasrat-Nazimi*- Germany-based Afghan journalist working for DW; she writes in English and German.

Arzo Wardak – My Voice*- Afghan-American Harvard student, blogger, social entrepreneur, activist.

Parnian Nazary’s blog – DC-based advocacy manager at Women for Afghan Women; formerly Afghanistan Program Officer at New York University’s Center for International Cooperation.

Hadi Mufid’s blog – Hadi is an Afghan university student in South Korea

A Kid With Great Ambition– a blog by a very bright ninth-grader in Kabul

Random Notes…from Afghanistan – Aarya Nijat’s blog. A graduate of the Harvard Kennedy School of Government, she works for the Afghan government; her own thoughtful, compassionate personality comes through in her writings

Afghanistan’s Realities – A blog by Ahmad Farzad Lameh, journalist and former ancho/manager at TOLO TV and Lemar TV

Afghan Watch – Malali Bashir’s blog. Malali is a writer and women’s rights activist from the greater Kandahar area

Read My Eyes – Blog by Afghan war photojournalist, Massoud Hossaini

The Cost of War – Opinions and news clippings on everything war, with a focus on Afghanistan and Pakistan (trilingual – English, Pashto and Dari)

Mohsin Jamal – Afghan journalist; anchor for Afghan News 1 channel

Amin Wahidi – Afghan filmmakerpersonal blog, Voice of Criticism

Josh Shahryar Huffington Post, Enduring America, Pajamas Media

Abdulhadi Hairan Huffington Post, personal blog

Nasim Fekrat’s blog – Among the first and perhaps only award-winning English-language Afghan bloggers

Chai Sabz – While there’s green tea, there’s hope

Kabul Perspective – Perspectives of a journalist from Kabul

Noorjahan Akbar – Noorjahan Akbar’s blog (bilingual – Dari and English)

Afghan Writer – A short story writer from Kabul

Rejuvenation of an Afghan soul – An Australian born Afghan spends her third year in Afghanistan

The Lost Flaneur – Ali Karimi’s blog

Afghan Policy – Wahid Monawar’s blog

Towards the Light – Wazhma Frogh’s blog

Arghavaan – A Dari blog on politics, literature and the arts

Sanjar – My life and Afghan current affairs

Comment is Free – Nushin Arbabzadah, author, researcher and analyst

In the Pursuit of Future – Habib Sangar’s blog

Afghan Corner – Bashir Gwakh’s blog

Brave New Wave – Children of a Lesser Revolution by Ali Latifi

Kabul Press English – News, discussion, criticism

The University Campus – Blogs of a Business Student at the American University of Afghanistan

Khalil Nouri – Veterans Today

Association of Afghan Blog Writers – Afghan Penlog

Human rights in Afghanistan – Basir Seerat’s blog

Afghan Lord – Commenting on political and social issues of the Middle East, South Asia and Afghanistan

Photogblogs – for a comprehensive list of photoblogs, check out Chai Sabz.

Basir Seerat

Thru Afghan Eyes

15 responses to “Afghan Blogs

  1. Thanks for tracking down the newest blogs. There is also a list of Afghan blogs here:

    Some are out of date, but others are still posting regularly…

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  3. Hi,
    I am EsmatZeerak a young Afghan Blogger. Please link my blog in list of other blogs. Thanks. My Blog URL :

  4. thanks for adding link to the blog.

  5. It is comforting to get that feedback from the “prominent analyst.” On a serious note, your write ups have unique readability.

  6. Ahmad Shuja, my blog is not updated as often as yours is, but it is where I surrender my thoughts through my words…take a look at it. 🙂

  7. Ahmad Jan
    I recently watched “The Stream : Pakistan’s Hazara under attack ” on Youtube and I must say I am proud to see someone like you representing Hazara people.

    I wish you best luck in your future endeavors.

    Also I would really appreciate if you list my personal blog here :

    Thank you

  8. Hello,

    Add this blog too.

    Ahmad Zia

  9. Interesting. Thanks for the share.

  10. Salam everyone, Just here to share a new Afghan website with everyone, it’s great to see our beloved Afghanistan is progressing forward and we’re developing new sites every day.

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