#AfghanWomeratti – Afghan women leaders on Twitter

This list of Afghan women tweeps came about after I realized not a single Afghan woman appeared on @FP_Magazine’s #Twitterati100, or even the #FPWomeratti (as of June 19). I thought I’d try and share with the world the wonderful work Afghan women do everyday, often in extremely difficult and dangerous circumstances. Of course, this is by no means an exhaustive list, or even a representative one – many excellent Afghan women leaders are not on Twitter.

If you’ve got suggestions, feel free to comment below.

Last updated: July 20, 2012. Help expand the list. Add more names here.

Activists/civil society
@FroghWazhma – Afghan Women’s Network
@Orzala – Orzala Ashraf Nemat, civil society and women’s rights activist
@NoorAkbar – Noorjahan Akbar, co-founder of @YWCAfghanistan (Young Women for Change Afghanistan)
@fatoomrabbani – Fatima Rabbani, political and women’s rights activist; daughter of the late Burhanuddin Rabbani

Think tank/journalists/writers
@FaribaNawa, author of Opium Nation, former correspondent for The Telegraph and others
@NNushin – Nushin Arbabzadah, cultural commentator, frequent contributor to PBS and Guardian Comment is Free, former BBC journalist
@PariNazary, Center for International Cooperation at New York University
@MalaliBashir, journalist with RFE/RL’s @GandharaRFE
@ZohraSaed, indy publisher, author and lecturer
@AtiaAbawi, NBC correspondent, formerly with CNN in Afghanistan
@WasHasNaz – Waslat Hasrat-Nazimi, journalist and editor at Deutsche Welle
@ShaistaLameh – Shaista Sadat Lameh, journalist and anchor for VOA
@ZheelaJ – Zheela Noori, broadcaster and video journalist at VOA’s Ashna TV
@sanaaa1 – Sana Safi, Afghan journalist with BBC World Service; fiction writer.
@awolasmal – Ayesha Wolasmal, freelance journalist.

Politicians/International Organizations


@RaihanaAzad – Raihana Azad, member of the lower house of parliament; sits on the Civil Society, Human Rights and Women’s Affairs Committee

@DrMobarez – Dr. Nilab Mobarez, national spokeswoman for UNAMA in Afghanistan
@chadari – Farkhonda Zahra Naderi, member of parliament and women’s rights activist

All-round wonderwomen
@ArianaDelawari, musician
@Swaay03 – Suhaila Aziz, with the Afghan Girls Financial Assistance Fund
@MariamAtashNawa- Mariam Atash Nawabi, attorney, human rights activist, and entrepreneur
@ArzoWardak, Afghan-American blogger, social entrepreneur, Activist; student at Harvard
@Naseri_Huma – Huma Naseri, Student of IR and Political Science
@PeymanaWalizai, MA student at Kings College London; working with @afghanadvocacy.
@AzitaGhanizada, actor, artist, model

5 responses to “#AfghanWomeratti – Afghan women leaders on Twitter

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  2. ‏@SuraiaSahar – Afghans for Peace
    @sabazmaher – Afghans for Peace
    @kingSAMIRA – Afghans for Peace

  3. Reblogged this on Arzo Wardak – My Voice and commented:
    I’m so humbled by this. Thank you, Ahmad. You’re an inspiration to me everyday.

    As for us Afghan women, we need to continue empowering one another. Positive dialogue will create the cognitive space needed for new ideas. Imagine the incredible things we can accomplish together! 🙂

  4. shaista sadat did not finish highschool/ you should update your post

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