The insurgency-centric aid policy in Afghanistan is having adverse effects

In response to a report by the Senate on Foreign Relations Committee, I wrote a piece on UN Dispatch about how the current aid policy, dictated in large part by insurgent violence, fails to win hearts and minds and deprives peaceful provinces of their due share of development aid.

The article also has a table and a chart to help illustrate the points. Here are some excerpts:

…the violence perpetrated by the Taliban has not only caused serious deterioration of security but also dangerously skewed the focus of US aid projects in Afghanistan.

…as US foreign assistance increased from 1.1 billion in 2006 to 4.1 billion in 2010, and CERP spending increased from 215 million to one billion in the same time-frame, UNAMA statistics show that annual civilian casualties increased from 929 to 2,777. Most of these casualties were from insurgent violence in the volatile areas.

The lesson is that throwing billions of dollars at unstable provinces does not automatically generate peace or prosperity in those areas.

COIN, implemented in an environment of urgency to produce quick results, is fundamentally inconsistent with the Government of Afghanistan’s priorities.

Here’s the full article.

One response to “The insurgency-centric aid policy in Afghanistan is having adverse effects

  1. who proposed US TO wage war against afghans.! So what did they sow ,so will US should not blame pakistan for their failure.Itz better to make accountable to Bush and obama and other generals.If Us cd not do it then obviousLY US INTERESTED in central asian oil and afghanistan is better supply route fr this purpose.But surprisingly Afghans as a whole are the most beneficiaries in terms of dollars,which they got in terms of spying,developments and other social US NEVER wins the hearts and minds of ppl of afghanistan.thatz the reason US never wins war to control afghanistan.Frm patreaus to mike mullen,evengeorge washington could not be victorous .

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