Curious Suicide Attack in Khost

From a New York Times report:

In Sunday’s incident, one guard was killed as the attackers — three or four men armed with guns and wearing explosives strapped to their bodies — shot their was [sic] into the traffic department compound on the edge of Khost city at about 5 a.m., said Gen. Raz Mohammad Oryakhail, the army commander for Khost province. [Emphasis added]

The Taliban haven’t claimed responsibility for the attack, but the NYTimes report says the pattern matches that of Taliban attacks on government buildings. It wouldn’t seem like the traffic department compound would be a target of enough value for the Taliban or any other insurgent group to justify sending three to four suicide bombers. And the timing of the attack is rather curious — it’s hard to imagine there’d be anyone of significance in that building at 5 a.m.

It’d also be hard to imagine that the Taliban would attack the wrong building, so I’m going to guess it’s more likely a reporting glitch. Time will tell. Meanwhile, I’m keeping an eye on Taliban tweets and their websites.

Update: The only report about Khost the Taliban have on their website today is this one, which isn’t quite what the Times is reporting.

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